Friday, December 01, 2006

Infestation continues.

There were 15 moths again last night. So far that's the record. If it goes up to 16, I'm going to take another picture. (I wish I knew how to minimize the glare from the flash.)

My voice teacher pointed out why the moths are acting strangely: They're not supposed to be alive this long, and they don't quite know what to do with themselves. They're in a kind of dormant state. They're still alive because it's been unusually warm this fall. It hasn't gotten cold enough to kill the moths.

To my surprise, she laughed uproariously when I told her I had 15 moths on my kitchen window. "You COUNTED them??!!!???"

And my husband is teasing me about taking pictures of them. Every night when he sees me counting them he says, "Don't forget to take a picture."

OK, so I'm wierd.

But not as weird as some of the things I've seen my neighbors wrap around their trees, presumably to prevent the caterpillars from climbing up and going into their cocoons and becoming moths. Maybe I should take some pictures of thoseso I won't feel so bad.

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